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Whats the best Bulb?? - William_86 - 10-02-2007

Hello.. when i bought my wing the owner said.. I INSTALLED A PRETTY COOL H4 BULB THAT LOOKS LIKE XENON. i said ok who cares hehe thanks anyway!..

when i was driving her home.. i noticed the light was so poor. if you look at the light it is so white and bright... but if you sit and look at the street you will notice that you can only see a white ghost like a big box, but is not bright enought to see what is on the street¡, i mean holes or any kind of hazard.

so... here is the deal.

Have any of you changed the stock bulb for a better one?, that gives great visibility while driving at night, and also that doesn't look so "yellow?.

another thing i noticed the connector of the main bulb was burned, it was still working but i think it was about to completly melt, the aftermarket bulb was 55/60W whats the stock load?.

whats my best bet... try to get the stock bulb or a car bulb on autozone?

- FTO13 - 10-03-2007

Hey William,

I replaced the bulb in mine with a Sylvania SilverStar. I have been extremely impressed with the output and the light pattern. You might want to give one a try and see what you think. As far as the burnt connector goes, one of the previous owners cut the connector out and just soldered the wires straight onto the terminals. (Pretty lousy job which caused the terminal and wire to burn up) When I installed the SilverStar, I flowed quite a it of extra solder and added heatshrink to make it all better. No problems so far.


- William_86 - 10-03-2007

the connector seemed to be the stock one, the burned wire was the green one.. the ground...
Thanks for the great advice i already changed the connector and soldered, also installed a swich on the ground wire so i can turn off the light while im warming or stuff like that Smile


the stock bulb is like this one right:

[Image: gpthunder7500kbulbh4233rm2.jpg]

the one the previous owner installed was the same size and socket

- SIR tricky - 10-03-2007

12v 60/55 W H4 bulb

Philips 12342/99 or equivalent.

Lots of heat in the area make sure connections are clean and tight

- William_86 - 10-03-2007

i just bought a pair of philips 60/55 h4 bulbs called extra bright, they look nice, i paid like 40 usd for them, dad is going to keep the second bulb since i only used one ;p

- catman - 10-03-2007

I replaced mine with a SilverStar and have been quite impressed

- fly5465 - 10-08-2007

Just to add to this thread....

Tonight I replaced my old headlight bulb (I wonder if it was the original ) with a new Sylvania Silverstar H4-ST.

WOW! Confusedhock: Confusedhock: :o Confusedhock: what a difference!! Not only is it whiter, but I can see a wider and longer pattern. I didn't think my old light was to bad until I put this one in. Confusedhock:

On our last local ride, a couple of the guys noticed my headlight didn't seem as bright as the other bikes. This was a day time ride. I have since been monitoring my voltage and battery condition and everything there seems fine. So I thought I would just replace that old bulb.

We'll see on our next ride if they can tell a difference. I hope so. It sure was a difference in tonights ride.

Another vote for the Sylvania Silverstar Big Grin

- William_86 - 10-09-2007

i bought a philips bulb, its brighter but i still dont like it.. i mean i still see an square in front of the bike and can see more foward whats wrong with this?

before i only could see a white square but it was not lighted enough to see what was on the road. now thats not the problem.... the problem is that i need more than a square to see :\

- admin - 10-09-2007

I'm all for the Sylvania SilverStar. For me it was like someone finally turned the lights on and adding the extra driving lights filled in all the dark areas on the sides so that now the distance and the sides are covered. I'm quite happy with my current lighting.