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Speedometer - 2nd Wing - 09-03-2007

I was on my bike today and was traveling between 75 and 80 mph. I happened to notice that my speedo stopped working. The needle went to zero and has not moved since. What could be wrong? Is it the cabl and how hard is it to get to it. I have an 1100cc Susuki that had the cable work it's way loose, but it was pretty much out in the open and I screwed it back on.

- myplace 46 - 09-03-2007

I'm not sure what year or model you have. it's probably the cable, they can snap if not lubed once in a while. shouldn't be hard if you can unscrew the lower cable connector and pull the inner cable from its housing. you can get the inner cable for about $5. if it has to be pulled from the top, then it's time to get a new wing. no, just kidding! but you do have to remove the dash to get to it... do you have a repair manual? :wink:

- 2nd Wing - 09-03-2007

I do have a manual. It was given to me from the guy whom I bought the bike from. I'm just hoping that I have the skill to do what's needed. The shops are full of summer time work and I want to ride....Now! Thanks a bunch.

- myplace 46 - 09-04-2007

I think you can handle it if yo have any mechanical skills at all. more of a PITA than it is difficult. once you get the dash open you can get to the cable quite easy. while you're in there, change out your dash lights and you won't have to go back in for a while. :wink: the more you do, the more you learn and for what the bike shops get now days for labor... Confusedhock:

- Blekas - 10-23-2007

[Image: spidas.JPG]
maybe someone can help me with this problem. in the picture 1 and 2 is not working maybe someone now how to fix it? and that is that red line? 3?

- rcmatt007 - 10-23-2007

as I take it both your gas gauge AND your gear indicator are not working... that would make me wonder if you have a problem with a connection such as where the wiring plugs into the fairing... or where the connector plugs into the dash. the gear indicator works off of a sending unit that is located behind the cover you remove to change the water pump, it is a sender that works of the cam that moves when you shift gears. The fuel works off a sender that sits in your tank. since these are two very different places, I would look at the "common" connections in between.

Your readouts - joed8562 - 10-23-2007

Yes, # 3 is the " Red Line indicator"
Sorry, can not help with the rest, but for sure the electrical connections on these old gals do get loose or corroded so a good cleaning might be in order. Smile