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LED's make an unbelievable difference! - myplace 46 - 08-14-2007

here is a pic with the normal light bulbs in the right side accent lights and the new LED's in the left side. I did not do anything else to the lights. not only are they much brighter, they changed color from purple to blue! Confusedhock:

[Image: led2.jpg]

[Image: Augustmeet019.jpg]

below is a shot with the other three changed out. it's starting to get dark out. also the two on the lower outside corners of the bag rails are Led's. I got these from Jim (rvtech)

[Image: Augustmeet021.jpg]

- Songklata - 08-14-2007

caution. it may be illegal to show blue lights on the front or rear of a vehicle in your area! otherwise..Cool 8)

- roscoepc - 08-15-2007

Yeah, it is nice looking but check with the local auth. or call the FHP to make sure they are legal. I don't think they are. One nice thing about them though,, I'd bet a dollar against a donut ya wouldn't have a problem with tailgating cagers!! Especialy with a pulse modulator!!! Confusedhock:

- myplace 46 - 08-16-2007

yeah, I'm pretty sure they are too! but, I thought I'd take a chance till I got stopped. and I carry a set of wire cutters so maybe he'd let me go if I plead ignorance and cut the wires right then? Tongue

- admin - 08-16-2007

Yeh, then watch the cop give you a ticket for having lights on your bike that don't work :lol:

- Guest - 08-16-2007

I am so Happy I live here in Ky.

I would hate to have light color laws.
handlebar height laws, or any of those other communist commands they call safety laws.

I say allow people to customize, add the color lights.
Give us a break.

Here we can even have blue parking lights on our cars if we want,
blue or any other color clearance lights on our trucks, front or rear.

- admin - 08-16-2007

Yeah, but they sure hate speeders in Kentucky, especially out of state speeders. If we ever sit down for a coffee Jim remind me to tell you how I know first hand. :lol:

- Guest - 08-16-2007

Yes, They are almost as tough on traffic violations and tractor trailer laws as ohio.

They will flat lay the fines to ya if they catch ya.

I dont make a habbit of speeding as our speed limit on the interstates is 70, and the back roads are a bit dangerous with all the wildlife, farm equipment, and bits of coal from the coal trucks laying about.

- Seniorwing - 09-06-2007

I also like the fact that we never have to get our cars or trucks inspected here in Kentucky. I know inspections is proberly a good thing but glad we do not have to do it all the same. Big Grin