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Starter solenoid relay - alfie1eye - 11-25-2016

Hi, now that I have fitted the Poorboy alternator conversion & disconnected the R&R what purpose does the red/white wire which comes from the starter solenoid & went to the R&R?
Also is it better to fit a new relay/solenoid complete with blade type fuse or fit an enclosed weather proof in line fuse to existing relay? Just to add, the Poorboy is running well & this site was invaluable in helping with the install.

RE: Starter solenoid relay - SIR tricky - 11-25-2016

Not a real expert on electrical theory but I imagine that would be the conduit through which the regulator provided power to charge the battery.

I have one bike with the blade fuse, the original setup burnt out beyond repair and one bike that is still original which I keep a very close eye on