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Another starter - GrimReaper - 11-22-2014

Got a dead starter on a 86 1200A. I read the posts and Clymer about removing the exhaust. But do you remove the entire system, or can you just drop the left side? I can't seem to get the left side pipes to separate from the block. I don't want to knock it with a hammer for fear of bending something.

RE: Another starter - GrimReaper - 11-22-2014

Ok, I must be missing something on this. I was finally able to get the exhaust separated from the block. On page 201 of Clymer, it says to remove the subframe. Bolt A is shown in a photo which looks like it's under the starter splines. That's where my kickstand is, and it's welded to the frame. I can't see any other bolts around it. I can get to the starter bolts, but it won't come out without lowering this subframe, I think.

RE: Another starter - 90Blazer - 11-23-2014

Both left and right sides are tied together on the exhaust, you have to drop the whole thing to get the starter off. You don't need to take the sub frame off.

RE: Another starter - GrimReaper - 11-25-2014

(11-23-2014, 07:50 PM)90Blazer Wrote: Both left and right sides are tied together on the exhaust, you have to drop the whole thing to get the starter off. You don't need to take the sub frame off.

Yep...finally got it off. Also had to remove one of the studs to get enough clearence. I was getting 12v+ at the lug on the starter, but no action from the starter. So, after I had the starter off, I put 12v to the lug and grounded the starter to a battery, but it still acted like a big paperweight. Is there any special place to ground the starter with a cable? I just put the clamp on the mounting lug.

RE: Another starter - 90Blazer - 11-26-2014

No, the whole case is a ground. These old starters are bad about getting a carbon buildup inside from the brushes, it may just need a cleaning or, you can get a rebuild kit off e-bay.

RE: Another starter - GrimReaper - 11-27-2014

Ok. Got another starter and it's spinning ok. Is there anything I should do before installing it? Coat that o-ring or add grease by that chain? Huh

RE: Another starter - 90Blazer - 11-27-2014

Just coat the o-ring with a little grease.

RE: Another starter - GrimReaper - 11-28-2014

Well, got the new starter on. Starts just great. Tap the button, spins over and starts. Unfortunately, now I have an acorn nut and set of washers left over. Darn if I can see where they go. After it warmed up, it smoked for a while where the exhaust meets the mufflers. Nothing seems to be leaking, so I'm thinking it's the wd40 and grease I used during r/r. Thanks for all the advice. Hat tip to 90blazer. Wink

RE: Another starter - bs175dths - 12-01-2014

if you still have the original stater, carefully open 'er up and look for signs of why it wouldn't work.
carbon dust is the most common reason,
another may be a poor or no ground to the case,
another may be it is just stuck and needs to be serviced.

Search this and any other forum for what to look for/how to make improvements.

Your starter is now working so there is no time limit to get the other one working.
But you may find it interesting to see how it works, how it failed, and if you repair it, you will have an extra.........

-Ride On

RE: Another starter - old gold - 12-06-2014

what size acorn nut?

RE: Another starter - GrimReaper - 12-09-2014

It looks like the acorn nut went under part of the crash bar. I didn't notice the crash bar had two studs on the down tube of the frame. When I fitted the bar onto the frame, it covers one of the studs.

Now that the new starter is working great. Bike was starting first time, ever time. Until, of course something else went wrong.... went to add choke and the darn cable broke.... well, thats for another thread I guess.