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Rear Air Shocks - goldwingrider - 10-26-2014

I would like to know if there is a differences between the air shocks on a 1981 GL1100 and 1987 GL1200? There is a different Honda number between the two however it look like it could work. Has anyone tried?


RE: Rear Air Shocks - neoracer - 10-27-2014

shocks on the 1100's are 1" shorter installed height

RE: Rear Air Shocks - bs175dths - 10-27-2014

.... and I believe the 1" shorter shocks also fit the Harley-Davidson dressers and baggers.

The seals for these shocks are no longer available through Harley-Davidson and those in need have found they can get the part though Honda.
Showa is Showa is Showa,...... regardless of whose name in on the gas tank!

-Ride On

RE: Rear Air Shocks - goldwingrider - 10-28-2014

Thanks for the input guys I appreciate it. I will have to look at the gl1200 shocks.

RE: Rear Air Shocks - goldwingrider - 11-11-2014

Another question about shock. What normally goes bad the shock or the line which causes loss of air? I am loosing some air over a short period of time. Maybe someone has seen this problem and can let me know what usually goes bad.

RE: Rear Air Shocks - SIR tricky - 11-12-2014

You can check for leaks using dish washing liquid in a spray bottle, check all the fittings after you have pumped up the shocks.

RE: Rear Air Shocks - bs175dths - 11-14-2014

If you are just losing air, then check as per Sir Tricky.
If there is fluid on the ground in the vicinity of the shocks, then the seal in the shock needs to be replaced. (91257-MG9-671 OIL SEAL)

If all air connections show no leakage with the soapy water trick, then maybe the oil seal IS bad but all the fluid has already leaked out of the shock(s).

They can be rebuilt.

RE: Rear Air Shocks - triwing - 11-22-2014

Was short on funds as no longer employed,& couldn't swing the price of Progressive shocks for my new 84 standard,like on my other wings.

Ordered new dampers,springs,& seal kit from progressive.Results are just like a set of new progressive shocks at about 1/2 the price. Had already replaced front end with limited edition one, & aspencade brakes to match,with Galfer green racing pads,front & rear.Stops on a dime & gives ya change,discs all look like chrome,as no metal in racing green's, kevlar polishes discs.

Results;suspension is better than new & brakes are too

RE: Rear Air Shocks - SIR tricky - 11-22-2014

Good to hear

RE: Rear Air Shocks - lucian - 04-18-2015

Hi ,
I am looking for dampers for my GL SEI`s shocks too .
I could only find at
Price USD 178.00 , Shipping USD 188.00 !!! to South Africa....
I asked them if they can not post USPS International, the price would be USD 70.00 , they said no ,they only post UPS....
Any ideas where can I try ?
I can get a complete set of shocks for USD 350.00 and shipping via USP Priority mail USD 70.00 but all together will cost me over a quarter my monthly salary....
I do not say they are expensive , it shows how low our money are and it goes lower and lower....

RE: Rear Air Shocks - neoracer - 04-18-2015

not sure exactly what your problem are with your SEI shocks but you may be better just getting oil seals and replacing them along with new fluid,after years of use the fluid can change to more like syrup,but if you feel the springs are shot too then you definitely might be better with using new progressives,i found that using the 1641A shocks which are slightly longer (14.20 vs 13.90) worked better than the 13.90's i used on my Aspy (1626A)

RE: Rear Air Shocks - lucian - 04-18-2015

One of the hard chromed cylinder has marks / scratches on it and I was told it can not be re chromed.It started to leak .
I polished as good as I could , had new seals put but it still leaking .
I understood that the chromed cylinder is called "damper " and I found them on the web.
They come as a kit , complete with seals and "O"rings and they are reasonable priced.

RE: Rear Air Shocks - neoracer - 04-18-2015

the damper as you call it requires that the shock has to be completely dismantled,which at that time you might as well install new springs in each unit,plus any bushings and most likely the rubber covers are shot too,over here the best price to get everything is about $177 not including building the shock tool to disassemble each shock,may just be a better option to purchase a set of progressive shocks and be finished with it
out of curiosity post the link to that damper unit

RE: Rear Air Shocks - lucian - 04-18-2015
I have a good friend doing shocks rebuilding.He replaced the seal in my shock and he said that the dampers can not be re chromed .
If I get the damper kit he will install them for me .

RE: Rear Air Shocks - neoracer - 04-18-2015

thanks,did not know that progressive was selling the damper kits to install on standards GL1200 shocks,you might want to replace the springs at the same time