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rebuilding a starter - tongy66086 - 07-26-2014

The starter on my Aspencade is getting to where it doesn't want to start when the engine is hot.
I read enough posts on here to know my starter needs an overhaul, or brushes at the least.
My bike is an 84 and I have an 84 donor bike. So I pull the starter off the donor bike and decide I'm going to overhaul it, rather than removing the starter off my bike. That way, when I get ready to change starters, all I need to do is swap.
I bought an overhaul kit and took the starter off my donor. When I got it out, I notice that along the bottom side, there is a broken section. I think it's right at the removable section of the frame.
I guess I have a series of questions:
Looking at the photos, does it even matter?
Would something like JB Weld be a good enough fix?
Do I need to find another starter?
Will this part off the other GL1200 years work?
I appreciate any help and suggestions you offer.

RE: rebuilding a starter - jaycojman43 - 07-26-2014

I would rebuild it and see what happens you already have the starter from your bike to rebuild if it don't work. That's just my thoughts..

RE: rebuilding a starter - Poorboy - 07-26-2014

I don't think it will hurt a thing to use it. The 84 starter is a year by itself. Poorboy

RE: rebuilding a starter - tongy66086 - 07-27-2014

Thank you.
I was leaning that way, but wanted another opinion.
The grandson and I will go to the work shop later today and get it rebuilt.
Thanks again for your help.[/align]

RE: rebuilding a starter - bs175dths - 08-02-2014

I agree with the others.

Do you have an update?