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Slide valve diaphragms - pstelter - 06-21-2014

How snug do the slide valve diaphragms need to be when re-installing? On the one carb that I have completely put back together, the outer lip of the diaphragm sits over the O-ring channel, but doesn't stay seated. Does the cover help force it into the channel?

Is there anyway (short of running the motor) to test whether the seal is good or not?


- Pete

RE: Slide valve diaphragms - BigBro - 06-21-2014

Mine had actually shrink a bit and I gently warmed them and hand stretched them until they sat in the right place while putting the covers on.

For the test. I used a vacuum cleaner hose that I could descrease the suction out of from the vacuum then loosely coupled it to the engine side of the carburetor throat. With the vacuum cleaner running in this fashion I would start opening the throttle butterfly and observe the slide opening in the throttle bore.

Not real scientific but it worked

RE: Slide valve diaphragms - bs175dths - 06-24-2014

I read in the other thread you got this problem resolved.