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Choke Lever - marksaunders - 08-07-2013

Is there a way to "tighten" the choke lever? I replaced ny choke cable earlier in the riding season. When I use my choke I have to hold it down. If I remove my finger the choke pops into the open position. My old choke cable would hold location no matter where i placed it. Has anyone had this issue before? The choke starts the bike just fine.

RE: Choke Lever - neoracer - 08-07-2013

never had a problem with mine,is it possible that when you installed it is binding somehow with something else when opened?

RE: Choke Lever - Keener - 08-07-2013

This may sound Neanderthal, but I noticed that when I installed new grips a couple of weeks ago, I tapped the clutch side grip just a wee bit too much which tightened up the choke lever. I eased the grip off just a small amount and the choke now stays where I set it unlike before when I had to hold it in place.

RE: Choke Lever - marksaunders - 08-07-2013

It's not binding it's too loose. The lever won't stay in a set location. I can pull the lever apart again and see if I put someting together incorrectly.

RE: Choke Lever - bs175dths - 08-07-2013

I had a problem with something like this years ago with a GL650.
I thought the choke (actually the enricher) was too stiff, so I lubricated the cable old school like you do with brake and throttle cables.
I lubed it so well, it would not hold a setting, just as you described.
I never was able to ‘tighten’ it so it would hold a setting, and learned from my mistake.

When I overhauled the carburetors on my GL1200, I used sewing machine oil to lubricate the joints and pivot points of the enriching circuit and left the cable alone.
Mine works smoothly and without bind and holds its setting.

There is no return spring on this cable or on the levers which actuate each enricher for each carburetor.
The system is a system of rods and levers, with nylon (or some sort of plastic) guides at the pivot points.

Is it possible the bolt under the carburetor assembly, which is supposed to hold the cable casing, has worked itself loose?

of course, it couldn't hurt to go over your work again......

-Ride On

RE: Choke Lever - marksaunders - 09-10-2013

I figured this out. I had to push the choke closer to the left had control. There is a friction fit to make the choke work correctly. It works great now.

RE: Choke Lever - bs175dths - 09-11-2013

Smile it's all in the details........