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Radio crackles over bumps in the road - admin - 06-01-2013

Been doing some work on my bike and I discovered that the contacts for the radio can become quite corroded with a residue that is quite difficult to remove. In my pic I show the black residue that would make conductivity difficult and may cause a crackling sound through the speakers when the radio is playing and you hit a bump. I used a pencil eraser to clean up the contacts and now the radio seems to work better than ever. Of course, it's not a simple job because the headlight has to come out, as well as the speaker covers, dash visor, forward fairing wiring and all the nuts holding the dash and the radio mount in place, but, if electrical static on the radio drives you nuts like it does me then all the work will be worth the effort.

Uncleaned contacts showing black residue on contacts:

[Image: dirtyradiocontacts_zps6c13c4bf.jpg]

Cleaned bright gold contacts:

[Image: cleanedradiocontacts_zps0a891a50.jpg]

RE: Radio crackles over bumps in the road - Frank - 06-01-2013


RE: Radio crackles over bumps in the road - Roleketu - 06-02-2013

I had similar issue with crackling after hitting a bump. Of course it was before doing Progressive rear shocks and front springs. I removed the radio and used a can of electronic cleaner on all connectors. Then dielectric grease on everything. Haven't had issues since.